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Luxury & Performance

Bennington, the world’s premier luxury pontoon boat manufacturer, was founded in 1997 by a small group of industry veterans. Since the beginning and to this day, at Bennington we are focused on leading in innovation and design with a meticulous attention to detail and quality, as well as a relentless focus on customer satisfaction to ultimately deliver the pinnacle in boating excellence.

Q Series

Elegance Meets Excellence

Experience pure distinction on the water. The Q-Series delivers more than a stunning visual display of style and timeless design. A head-turning purity is equaled by a steadfast commitment to build-quality and performance for a boating experience unequaled.

R Series

Luxury Within Reach. Performance Tailored to You.

An appreciated blending of style and performance that produces uncomparable boating experiences for you and your loved ones.

Design Your Life on the Water.

The broadest range of performance and luxury options with above deck and below deck customizations.

L Series

More Standards More Choices

Going beyond premium, the Bennington L Series offers exceptional refinement with all of the most popular standards and options in three distinct luxurious lines; L, L Bowrider, & LX. There’s a timeless charm found within the L Model boats, a blending of superb craftsmanship, rugged build quality and premium finishes that are familiar, yet distinctly a cut-above. Nothing beats time on the water with family and friends, make every minute count with Bennington.

S Series

Where Tradition is Celebrated

We don’t let time-tested quality and value of our S Series pontoons stand in the way of our legendary reputation for offering more options, more floor plans, and more features than anyone else.

Varied as the Waves

There’s an S Series ready to satisfy, no matter your boating passion. Whether you need a boat that’s easy to trailer, equipped to fish, adorned for entertainment or powered for watersports, there’s one right for you.

SV Series

Rich in Character Not Price

Offering some of our most popular floorplans and finished with the same high-quality furniture speaks to a level of class you can only get with Bennington.

Our Standards Never Change

We never skimp when it comes to quality construction. Our SV Model features a manufacturing process identical to our top of the line models – utilizing the same materials, the same processes and the same 10-year warranty.