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A lesson on why buying your new
boat is best done in the fall

Why Buying in the Fall is Smart!

New MasterCraft model boats are starting to fill our showrooms with stellar new tech features, practical creature comforts and eye-catching color options conceived to deliver the perfect boat to you and your family. But the model year changeover doesn’t just signify new, exciting new models and technology, it marks a reset in the calendar year for boat buying that everyone should be aware of. If you’re considering a boat in the future, read below to see what savvy boat buyers are doing to get the most out of their purchase.


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What time of the year is the best to buy a new boat?

Fall is the best time to order a new boat. Boat manufacturer’s employ hundreds of workers to handcraft each and every boat. In order to streamline production, and employ their skilled craftsmen throughout all 12 months of the year, manufacturers must offer the largest discount in the fall to stimulate sales when demand is at it’s lowest. Fall is now the best time in the model year to purchase a new boat; even beat that the boat show!

How much do I really save by purchasing in the fall?

Manufacturers offer an early buy rebate of up to $10,000* and Boat Show rebates of up to $5,000* to encourage preseason buyers. We are able to combine both rebates for fall buyers as well as offer a guarantee that Fall prices will be the lowest prices of the new model year. *varies by model

How does buying a boat in the fall effect my trade in value?

Boat buyers that purchase in the Fall receive a higher trade-in value than those who wait until Spring or Summer of the following year. That’s because their boat will be another year older. Today’s used boat values are tracking higher than NADA values, so now is a great time to get the most out of your boat. Trading in your boat now also means no fall service or storage bills for that year. We’ll cover all your Fall service and storage expenses saving you additional money.

What other benefits do I get for buying in the fall?

When you buy a boat in the Fall, you are able to customize your new boat and be guaranteed it will be ready for the water when Spring arrives. If you wait until the boat show to purchase a boat, it might not arrive until mid-summer. Early buyers are able to customize their boat colors and options, and build the boat that truly fits their family.


It’s hard to believe, but we’ve got one more way for you to save on your new MasterCraft boat. As the new models roll into our showrooms, we’ve got to make space for them. What’s this mean for you, you might ask? Our previous year models have got to go, and the best way to move them is to put them on clearance. Take advantage of these savings while they last!