Union Marine & Pacific Nautiques Rally for Northwest Harvest

Union Marine & Pacific Nautiques Rally for Northwest Harvest

Posted by Allison Helfen

For thousands of people in Washington, the threat of hunger is a fact of life. Roughly 11.5% of Washington residents lacked food security in 2017, according to estimates from Feeding America—meaning that they do not have consistent access to a healthy amount or variety of food. Food insecurity might mean spending money on food instead of other vital expenses, like school supplies or medicine. For some households, food insecurity takes the form of hunger pangs. A more recent estimate from the USDA puts Washington’s food insecurity rate at 10.3% in 2018—while the situation is improving, the rate is still far too high.

Here at Union Marine, we wanted to make a difference and help fight hunger. Our sales manager, Rob Pedrini at Pacific Nautiques has been collecting a boat load of food for over twenty years for NW Harvest and this year, he delivered two boat loads of food! During normal years, NW Harvest and King 5 Home Team, collect food and donations throughout Puget Sound at various sites.  This year, due to covid that event was cancelled and we delivered the food and donation to the NW Harvest Sodo Center. After an hour and half, we had off loaded five pallets of food! Rob managed to squeeze food into every storage spot available on both Nautique boats.  It was quite the sight to see so much food coming off of both boats.

To top that off, Allison Helfen, our marketing manager orchestrated a company wide fundraiser. She has been collecting for NW Harvest since 2005 and this was a way to continue that tradition with Union Marine.  For every dollar she collected from team members, Union Marine matched it! We presented Northwest Harvest a check for $7400 which will provide over 39,000 meals!

Congratulations to our amazing team for your generosity and commitment to our community in need. We are proud we were able to make a difference.