Union Marine Getaways and The Bremerton Rendezvous

Union Marine Getaways and The Bremerton Rendezvous

Posted by Jennie Spillane

Union Marine Getaways 

When you encompass your boat buying experience at Union Marine you’re not just taking home a piece of joy from our showroom, you’re becoming a part of the Union Marine Family. In doing so you’ll have the option to join us for multiple events throughout the year! We invite you to join one or all of our getaways hosted throughout the Pacific Northwest. Curious what a Union Marine getaway is?

Our getaways are multi-day ticketed events for Union Marine customers who want to connect with the boating community! From boating workshops and demos, cocktail parties, brunches and outdoor shows these getaways are the ultimate entertainment! We want you to truly enjoy the culture that is boating alongside your fellow boaters! These events take place in the peak of boating season to ensure perfect weather (as much as we can guarantee in the PNW) and are primarily outdoor events. Join us for our first getaway, the Bremerton Rendezvous coming up mid July! 


The Bremerton Rendezvous

Kicking off 2022’s Union Marine Getaways by going all in we’re starting our series in Bremerton July 13th through July 17th! We are hosting live music, happy hours, brunch and much more! Please call the Bremerton Marina to reserve and pay for your moorage at (360) 373-1035. Be sure to say you are with the Union Marine Bremerton Rendezvous! Check out our event calendar here for more information!

*Moorage will be collected by Bremerton Marina upon securing your spot through the marina. Golf fees will be collected upon arrival at the golf course and are not included in the price per person. Please note, some activities during the event will be 21 years or older!